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Страна: Украина
Город: Киев

Codex Podcast 019 with Kaiserdisco
Тип: Видео
Длительность: секунда

Описание: Subscribe: iTunes: Follow Kaiserdisco: Follow Spartaque: Follow Codex: 01 Andres Campo - Red Room (Original Mix) [Odd Recordings] 02 Niereich & Linus Quick - Dimension (Original Mix) [Octopus Black Label] 03 Avision - Feel It (Original Mix) [Second State] 04 Luca Agnelli - Shimmer (Original Mix) 05 BEC - Sines & Breaks 03 (Original Mix) [Voight] 06 Mikael Jonasson - EXILE 009 Al (Original Mix) [EXILE] 07 Kaiserdisco - Salacia (Original Mix) [HH MASTER] 08 Frankyeffe - Diablo (Original Mix) 09 Torsten Kanzler - Peanut (Alberto Ruiz Remix) 10 Chris von B. - Extraterrestrial Life (Original Mix) [Complexed Records] 11 Arjun Vagale - Sputnik (Original Mix) [Planet Rhyth] 12 Cardao - Phenomena (Original Mix) [Quartz Rec] 13 Markantonio, Atroxx - Octave Shift (Original Mix) [AnalyticTrail] 14 Comuno - Hyaena (Original Mix) [KD Music 068] Spartaque Live: Supreme Radio Show: Follow Spartaque: Website: Facebook: Twitter:!/spartaque Soundcloud: Beatport: Eastern Europe’s greatest techno export. Spartaque is no stranger to the club scene by being one of the most fast rising superstars of our era. Rumors say that he never sleeps as he somehow manages to rock the dancefloors worldwide every week, producing unstoppably tens of dancefloor weapons which are hosted at the greatest labels and supported by the most important artists, being host of the legendary radioshow Supreme and running his mighty label IAMT. That way, his name has been a matter of respect and admiration for hundreds and thousands of followers for many years. He shows no will to slow down so jump on his official Facebook fan page so you can be updated with plenty of news and even more TECHNO !



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