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Dark Sky (Live) @ Studio Spaces, London (BE-AT.TV)
Тип: Видео
Длительность: секунда

Описание: The new hardware heavy Dark Sky live show was born out of experience touring their first album. A mixture of old tracks and new are deconstructed and reimagined live with the help of an array of drum machines, sequencers and synths. The show is continually evolving and reconstructed each time they play. Watch an exclusive stream of last year’s live show here. - - Matt Benyayer and Thomas Edwards together make up the London based production duo Dark Sky. Having grown up together, Dark Sky formed in 2009 out of a mutual love for the ever evolving London electronic music scene, a love that the pair have always reflected through not only their DJ sets but also their productions. Their music has been released on pioneering labels Monekytown Records, 50 Weapons, Ninja Tune, Mister Saturday Night and more. Here, they play their new live show out to a packed Studio Spaces, London. - - Subscribe to our channel ? Facebook ? Twitter ? Instagram ?



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