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Boileroom Dekmantel 2018 Saturday скачать 04-08-2018 - Клубная Музыка от лучших диджеев. Latest music, video, news :: Fan Of DJ .COM

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Страна: All Word
Город: All Word

Dekmantel 2018 - Saturday
Тип: Видео
Длительность: секунда

Описание: As usual, our Saturday of Dekmantel Festival 2018 sees a cast of familiar faces and some soon-to-be-stars, ready to break. We love him, Dekmantel love him, you love him: Palms Trax reaches the top of Mount Olympus, headlining our stage at last. This will be a roadblock so turn up early to ensure you make it in for the coronation. Setting the levels for the boy done good, we bring a pair of ultra-charismatic DJs to our stage as the sun dips: Scandinavian disco deity Skateb?rd and Los Angeles’ gilt-edged genius, D?M-FunK. Mile-wide smiles anticipated. A triple run of talented locals see us through the afternoon to get the three stars in the mood. The smoothness and crunch of Palmbomen II & Betonkust, whose new LP is out on the Dekmantel label, will play live. Before, two hours of deep digging delights: Carista, a ray of light in the Dutch scene, makes her debut; plus, two of the finest collectors-reissuers-hunters-just-don’t-say-selectors in the game, Jamie Tiller and Raph?el Top-Secret. Last but by no means least, the opening ‘legend slot’ this year will be steered by an international household name, an evergreen joy, and surely the only DJ with his own brand of tea: Mr. Scruff. It might well be the cheeriest day of music we’ve ever put together. It’s up to you lot to keep the energy high and dance the whole way through.



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