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Страна: All Word
Город: All Word

Laura Marling Boiler Room x Festival of Disruption LA Live Set
Тип: Видео
Длительность: секунда

Описание: ? The magical Laura Marling blessing us with her hypnotizing, stripped-back performance, live at Festival of Disruption. ? More here: Curated and led by David Lynch, Festival of Disruption follows his vision of meditation and creativity's ability to heal the individual and society from within. He believes that sharing the power of art in a communal setting is the purest way to raise awareness and funds for the festival's charitable mission. 100% of net proceeds from the Festival support the 501(c)(3) non-profit David Lynch Foundation to address the epidemic of trauma and toxic stress amongst at-risk populations through the implementation of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique. Boiler Room is donating 100% of the associated ad revenue from the Festival footage to DLF - by choosing to watch the ads on this video, you support the Foundation and its mission. Find out more about DLF: Donate here: Thanks to the Ace Hotel for their extended support.



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