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Страна: All Word
Город: All Word

O.S.T.R. : 5 Records 5 Stories Boiler Room Warsaw
Тип: Видео
Длительность: секунда

Описание: ? During our last trip to Warsaw, we visited the influential Asfalt Shop, together with Adam Ostrowski aka O.S.T.R. - a producer and professionally trained violinist, best known for being one of Poland's most acclaimed rappers of all time. Here, he tells the story of 5 groundbreaking Polish records that influenced his own process. ? Subscribe to our YT channel: 0:51 Micha? Urbaniak's Fusion ?– "Atma" ? 2:06 Krzysztof ?ciera?ski ?– "The King Is In Town" ? 2:57 Duo Bednarek-Zgraja – "Walking Colour" ? 3:38 Morawski Waglewski Nowicki Ho?dys ?– "?winie" ? 5:01 Ewa Kukli?ska ?– "Boutique Disco" ? Creative Producer: Gosia Herman, Rafa? Grobel Video: Krzysiek Kowalewski Intro: I Ching - "Ja P?on?" ?



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